Western Australia records 4,300 cases of COVID-19, with 103 people hospitalized

Western Australia has recorded a further 4,300 cases of COVID-19, with 103 people in hospital.

WA Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson said five people were in intensive care last night, but three have since been released.

Of the positive cases, 2,339 were detected with PCR tests and 1,961 were the result of self-reported positive RATs.

The number of active cases in the state rose to 22,757.

Tracking cases near predicted peak: health minister

Ms. Sanderson said the state is still on track to hit its peak of cases next week.

“I think we’re pretty close to the predicted peak for next week,” she said.

“It may be a little later, but certainly from this kind of day on March 14, we’ll expect that peak to start going up and get there, yes.”

Amber-Jade Sanderson says as of this morning there were two people in intensive care.(ABC News: Tabarak Al Jrood)

She said the total number of peaks should still be around 10,000 cases per day, consistent with the modelling.

“While that said, our cumulative cases are several thousand higher…so that’s an interesting finding, we have higher cumulative cases but we’re tracking the same in hospitalizations,” Ms Sanderson said.

“I think it’s a testament to the vaccination rates and the people who are really doing the right thing in terms of public health and social measures and playing by those rules.

“We won’t see hospitalizations peak for a week to nine days after the peak of cases, so it’s only towards the end of March that we’ll really see this big increase in cases in hospital.”

WA will not adopt new national isolation rules

Ms Sanderson said WA would not adopt the relaxation of isolation rules for close contacts agreed at the National Cabinet meeting on Friday.

“Western Australia is having its first wave, whereas in the eastern states, certainly New South Wales and Victoria, they are experiencing or completing their fourth wave, so we are in a very different place,” said said Ms. Sanderson.

“The National Cabinet acknowledges and acknowledges this – so we will not take that position at this stage.

“Obviously we all want to get there at some point in the future, but we are currently at the start of the epidemic and we are dealing with it.

“To be very clear with the community, there is still a requirement for PCR testing and rapid antigen testing, and close contacts in WA are still required to self-isolate.”

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