Tsavo Mosman Wellness Clinic offers cryotherapy and holistic rejuvenation

A health-conscious mother and daughter duo have revealed how they built one of Sydney’s most exclusive wellness clubs after becoming disappointed with how hard it was to find good holistic services in one place.

Laura Rose, 48, and her daughter Isabella Lakin, 21, from Seaforth on Sydney’s north coast are the founders of Tsavo – a rejuvenation center in Mosman that offers clients the opportunity to ‘switch off’ and heal by listening to their body’s needs.

The women told FEMAIL they had the idea to build their own rejuvenation clinic after finding themselves on a disappointing wellness vacation after years of traveling the world to find treatments for the chronic condition. of Isabella.

Lara Rose, 48, and her daughter Isabelle Lakin, 21, from Mosman on Sydney’s North Shore are the founders of Tsavo – a rejuvenation center that offers guests the chance to ‘switch off’ and heal by listening the needs of their body

The duo use every treatment available at the center - but let's just say three minutes of cryotherapy can fix everything from arthritis to a gnarly hangover

The duo use every treatment available at the center – but let’s just say three minutes of cryotherapy can fix everything from arthritis to a gnarly hangover

Isabelle suffered the debilitating symptoms of Lyme disease for years, including exhaustion and debilitating outbursts of pain – only to be told by Australian doctors she was “making it up”.

While doctors in South Africa and America confirmed the diagnosis before giving her a dark and gloomy view that caused her to shut down and ‘stop looking after herself’.

“I was so sick of hearing these people talk about how bad it was and all the horror stories. Ok, they saw bad things happen but I was like it wasn’t going to happen to me,” Isabelle said.

“I got over it and lost confidence trying to help myself get better.”

But it wasn’t just the negative health forecast that made Isabelle stop looking for a cure or even relief from her symptoms: it was the quacks the family came up against.

“There is so much bullshit and fluff when it comes to treatments. I didn’t know why feeling good had to be so hard and I was sick of all the fake jumbo hocus pocus,’ Isabelle added.

Lara, right, is from Kenya - so the country has a special place in her heart, and that of her children, Henry 23, and Isabelle

Lara, right, is from Kenya – so the country has a special place in her heart, and that of her children, Henry 23, and Isabelle

This experience paved the way for Tsavo, as the duo and their highly trained staff are armed with in-depth knowledge and experience of what works, what doesn’t and what makes things worse.

Lara said they would often be charged $500 for a date where they would be asked to “tell their story” and receive the same tired information, if any, in return.

“We were crossing the road to see another one of those $600 per visit specialists one day when Isabelle, who was in her late teens, told me she couldn’t walk. Her knees were frozen and she had shooting pains.

“We were in the middle of the road – it was a traumatic experience for us,” Lara said.

It took Isabelle years to get back on the wellness train – now they’re on the same page, but the youngster has a lot of influence.

Cryotherapy is Isabelle's favorite - the young woman suffered from extreme symptoms of Lyme disease for years before recovering and embracing health

Cryotherapy is Isabelle’s favorite – the young woman suffered from extreme symptoms of Lyme disease for years before recovering and embracing health

“That’s the harshest review, whenever I bring something new she’s the first to point it out,” Lara said.

Before Isabelle adds: ‘I caught myself really burning myself to become like this. I want every new machine to prove itself and I trust my deep feelings about it.

But it’s not just Isabelle’s illness, which has since become very manageable, that influenced the company, which offers hypobaric treatments, lymphatic massages, cryotherapy and an infrared sauna, among other things.

Each key has some sort of personal meaning for women, the very African theme stems from Lara’s childhood in faraway Kenya.

Tsavo has a lymphatic draining massage treatment

And a hypobaric chamber where people can sit - instead of the typical

Tsavo has a lymphatic draining massage treatment, left, and a hypobaric chamber, right

The mother-of-two “grew up wild” with a pet monkey and a wooden cabin.

The town of Tsavo sits at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, a snow-capped giant amid the sweltering savannah.

“It felt appropriate, from mountaintop cryo to sauna on the plains, relying on nature and our environment for healing,” she said.

“We choose to live in the city but shouldn’t have to worry about not having access to the right magnetic fields or environments for well-being, that’s what we offer here.”

The company logo is the acacia – the most recognizable African tree.

“To me, it’s the tree of life,” Lara explained.

The women are thrilled to have been able to provide science-backed treatments in such a relaxing space.

Adding that university students who work at the center often visit to ‘soak up the magic’ when they are stressed or need a place to do their homework

“You see people come in and their shoulders drop,” Isabelle said.

And they are happy that their patients no longer have to suffer.

“We had this 80 year old lady come over and try our Airpod and cryo, she had terrible arthritis and was in a lot of pain,” Lara said.

“She ended up coming three days in a row, with plants from her garden, and explained that she loved gardening but was in too much pain to do it until she came to see us.”

Plants now fill the centre’s reception area.

Not only does this make clients feel good, but their families don’t have to worry about whether their loved ones will enjoy a quality of life again.

“We see the mums come in here, with their children, and we reserve space for them – sometimes for ninety minutes while their children are receiving treatment.

Isabelle photographed on safari - her mother's African roots are visible throughout the clinic

Isabelle photographed on safari – her mother’s African roots are visible throughout the clinic

“These moms aren’t here to spend on themselves, but neither are they going to drop and run when it comes to their kids.”

Lara remembers worrying that Isabelle “wouldn’t make it through 12th grade” after falling so ill, but their tireless search for a cure made Isabelle feel like a burden.

“It’s not a good feeling, it’s horrible to see your family going through this,” she said, mentioning her older brother Henry, who is 23.

But Tsavo isn’t just for the sick, Isabelle said.

Their therapies are for anyone who wants to feel better.

“We brought in a group of boys after a 21, who looked worse, we sorted them and they were fresh in no time.”

Isabelle says cryotherapy is her secret hangover cure – with the three-minute treatment making her feel like new every time.

How do Isabelle and Lara “hold on well”?

Lara Rose, 48 years old

Morning routine:

I enjoy watching the sun rise and set preferably on the beach, taking a moment to be still and grateful.

I meditate on my IMRS mat, do my exercises and stretches Ovv

In addition to walks in the national park, I aim for 3 weight training sessions a week and I use my Papilio machine at home 3 times a week

Daily intermittent fasting is an established routine for me

I take my OPTY marine collagen daily

I also use a range of Ora supplements, I eat well and like raw green foods, I like my own negatively charged water for hydration

I do the sauna three to four times a week.

Cryotherapy three times a week – my absolute choice as it’s fast and so effective, AirPods probably once a week – RTL once a week

As I run two businesses, it is essential for me to be responsible for my well-being and to practice what I believe in.

Isabelle Lakine, 21 years old

I was born in Australia but spent a lot of time growing up in Kenya where my fondest memories come from.

Morning routine:

Wake up and do the ‘5 minute journal’ before a sunrise stroll along the Balmoral or Manly seafront. I like to do a 5-10 minute morning meditation on the headland when I can or just take a mindful moment in the morning to breathe and center myself before the day.

OPTY collagen supplement before a cup of coffee and almost daily morning infrared sauna in Tsavo.

Breakfast with manly micro-veggies and eggs and avocado!

Aside from my walks, a typical week has 3/4 pilates reformer sessions and my priority is to make sure I do cryotherapy at least three times a week. It’s really important to me and my favorite therapy in Tsavo, especially with the fun but busy times of opening a new business.

We both drink chlorophyll water throughout the day and ALWAYS have our special bio collagen available for gut health and beautiful skin.