South Australia records two COVID-related deaths and 3,070 cases, but hospital numbers drop

Two men who tested positive for COVID-19 have died in South Australia, where the number of patients hospitalized with the virus has fallen.

SA reported 3,070 new infections today, around 900 fewer than yesterday, but coinciding with a drop in PCR testing.

One of the dead men was in his 40s and the other in his 50s.

The number of patients in SA hospitals with the virus fell by 21, to 229.

This includes 16 people in intensive care and one person on a ventilator.

“Hospitalizations tend to lag the case rate by a few weeks, so we expect a decline over the next few weeks,” Health Minister Chris Picton said.

“[They] will stabilize at a figure, according to the modelling, of around 120 to 200 people hospitalized.”

The number of current active cases also fell, to 24,792.

Mr Picton said he expected that number to stabilize as well, despite the relaxation of close contact rules.

South African Prime Minister Peter Malinauskas yesterday expressed concerns about COVID in care homes for the elderly, amid several outbreaks.

“We have a number of facilities in South Australia where COVID has unfortunately entered,” he said.

“We know that once COVID enters an aged care facility, it’s very difficult to get it out. But that’s something we’ll be monitoring.”

Mr Malinauskas said he expected the cycle of “peaks and troughs” in COVID numbers to continue.

“It’s likely there will be another wave, but we don’t know when that will happen. What we’re seeing in South Australia is that it usually happens behind the eastern states,” said he declared.

There have been 348 COVID-related deaths in South Africa and 409,717 cases since the start of the pandemic.

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