Salah, Liverpool star: My house looks like a hospital!

A plethora of specialist equipment has left the striker’s infirmary-like home as he seeks to stay fully fit

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah has joked his house ‘looks like a hospital’ with all the recovery equipment he keeps – much to his wife’s chagrin.

The striker enjoyed another superb season on Merseyside, even as Jurgen Klopp’s men fell short of the quadruple, with a host of individual accolades and another Premier League Golden Boot.

This success is in part due to a rigorously disciplined routine dedicated to ensuring that he continues to work at his maximum capacity – even if it has left his home looking like an infirmary.

Why does Salah’s house look like a hospital?

“I try to meditate every day, ten or twenty minutes, at home, alone,” the Egyptian star revealed to Soccer France on his routine.

“Two rooms in our house are dedicated to various fitness equipment, bodybuilding. At home I can also do cryotherapy, there is a hyperbaric chamber. I am constantly trying to improve my physical condition.”

However, not everyone is a fan, with Salah revealing; “It’s true that I like to say that my house looks like a hospital, [but] my wife doesn’t like it! [She] says I spend more time with my machines than with her!”

What diet does Salah follow to stay in shape?

It’s not just body and mind that the striker keeps on top, but also his belly, Salah revealing he has preferences to help him stay at the top of his game.

“I prefer broccoli, sweet potatoes, fish, chicken and always salad,” he added. “When I treat myself to a big restaurant in London, I prefer sushi.”

The striker does allow some fast food in his diet, however, adding: “I eat pizza once a month at most. I love burgers, but I hardly ever eat them because afterwards I feel heavy. !”

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