Opening of a new helipad at the Royal Perth Hospital

Western Australia Government Press Release | May 27, 2022

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Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson and Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson unveiled the new 788 square meter, $10 million Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) Heliport on May 26.

The new heliport will allow the next-generation Emergency Rescue Helicopter Service (ERHS) to access the RPH, ensuring sick and injured patients get to the hospital faster from even more remote locations in the vast regions of Western Australia.

The upgrade was also necessary to meet Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations and accommodate future aircraft that may be engaged in emergency situations.

The new heliport is designed to withstand the static and dynamic loads generated by helicopters taking off and landing, with a maximum static working limit of 12 tons.

As the home of the State Major Trauma Center and the State Spinal Service, RPH typically receives the majority of trauma patients in the state.

RPH, part of the Eastern Metropolitan Health Service, receives up to 309 ERHS helicopter patients a year – from as far away as Albany in the south to Dongara in the north.

The McGowan government yesterday announced $26.7 million for an ERHS upgrade that will provide three next-generation aircraft with increased range and improved technology through supplier CHC Helicopters.

The new fleet will be online and ready to help WA communities from late 2023.

The new heliport will also have the capability to land other aircraft, including Blackhawk and Seahawk helicopters, if needed, in the event of a state emergency.

Comments attributed to Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson:

“Trauma doctors talk about the golden hour – 60 minutes between injury and treatment – ​​making a big difference to patient outcomes.

“This new heliport and its ability to accommodate the new rescue helicopters is a real game-changer in terms of being able to get patients to the hospital faster.

“About 30% of road trauma in WA comes from rural areas, so every minute makes a big difference.

“The Royal Perth Hospital receives up to 302 ERHS helicopter patients a year and the majority of these are trauma patients, so this new heliport will play a key role in the hospital’s emergency response.”

Comments attributed to Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson:

“The Emergency Rescue Helicopter Service is the main user of the Royal Perth Hospital Heliport – over 73% of patients are transported by the service to the state’s only trauma center at RPH.

“Yesterday the McGowan government announced a major investment to make significant improvements to the emergency rescue helicopter service and this new heliport complements that initiative by providing safer operations in the future.

“The new RPH Heliport now provides access to essential emergency services in Perth’s CBD to enable rapid response to emergencies.”

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