NHS to work with Australian health tech company Beamtree

Australian health data company Beamtree has landed its first NHS contracts with four hospital trusts in England.

University Hospitals of Milton Keynes, University Hospitals of Lancashire, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) will implement Beamtree’s proprietary RippleDown decision support technology to help improve patient care.

NHS trusts are Beamtree’s first international hospital care customers. It is also the first time that the company’s coding and analysis services have been outsourced to England.

Beamtree is building a strategic pipeline of international partners to implement its services in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Asia.


These contracts represent a major strategic step in confirming the international export opportunity for Beamtree’s technologies. The combined annual turnover of these partnerships is around £300,000 and the first phase deals are expected to lead to multi-year commitments.

Beamtree says that while the estimated revenue isn’t financially significant, the partnerships are strategically important to the company.


Beamtree became one of Australia’s largest health decision support and analytics platforms last year following its acquisition of health and human data analytics company Potential(x) and the health analysis company Ainsoff.

The company officially changed its name from Pacific Knowledge Systems Holdings in August 2021, following shareholder approval, reflecting its mission to use data to “illuminate pathways to better health care outcomes.” .


Milton Keynes CEO Joe Harrison said: “Our trust is committed to delivering the best possible services to our people – and that starts with ensuring we use the best possible data to inform both our clinical decision-making and our ongoing patient care. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to patient safety, transparency and the intelligent allocation of resources to ensure that our employees receive the quality of care they deserve.

Professor Andy Hardy, CEO of UHCW, said: “We are excited to explore how automation can support our pathology workforce and free up resources to focus on ever better quality of patient care.

Kevin McGee, CEO of Lancashire University Hospitals, said: “We welcome the opportunity to test and learn tools that can help improve patient safety and provide better care for the people of Lancashire and of South Cumbria.

Beamtree CEO Tim Kelsey said: “It is a great privilege to serve these leading NHS suppliers to support ‘learning healthcare systems’ by using our products to combat medical errors, reduce healthcare-associated complications, address inequalities in access to health and improve efficiency.

“We believe that the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools can have a positive impact on critical factors, such as how long patients stay in hospital and the risk of deterioration. We welcome the opportunity to work with these NHS trusts and look forward to announcing similar partnerships with other international pathfinders in due course.