Man wants giant misspelled ‘cursed’ tattoo lasered off, but clinic thought it was a prank

A guy desperate to have a giant misspelled laser tattoo on his back has been passed over by a clinic – after believing the colorful monstrosity was a prank. Christian Walton has lived with the rainbow-lettered “My First Tatoo” inking gag for four years since appearing on the hit MTV show Just Tattoo Of Us.

For years, the fun-loving sales administrator has reaped the benefits of his TV appearance through free drinks and VIP cabins at clubs and says it has helped him generate more interest women on dating apps. But being the owner of such a unique tattoo in vibrant colors means Christian was forced to ditch the white shirts on nights out – and he’s now decided to get rid of them.

The 23-year-old texted Laserways Clinic, along with a photo of the tattoo, to find out how much it would cost to see the back for good. But after hearing nothing and sharing his disappointment on Facebook, a pal who also had a laser tattoo said he would find out why he hadn’t heard back.

The friend later revealed that someone at the clinic apparently thought he was “taking the p*ss” as they had previously brought in competitors in an attempt to assess prices.

Christian Walton says the tattoo stopped him for wearing white shirts on nights out as seen through the shirt

The Laserways Clinic has since admitted it initially suspected Christian’s investigation was a ‘joke or competitor’ at first but said it would not work on his tattoos because she could not guarantee satisfactory removal due to the ‘multiple colors and depth’ of the inking.

Christian, from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, said: “I just wanted to have it laser engraved to fade the colors a bit as it’s really shiny. Then I would like to cover it. I think they thought that I was having them when I sent them a picture of it, because I didn’t get a response after that.

“After I posted about it on Facebook, a girl contacted me, saying she was going to have a laser treatment the next day. She said she would ask about me. She said the guy thought that I was taking the p*ss and he thought I was a competitor trying to figure out prices.

“I find it funny in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, he said there was too much color in my tattoo for him to do laser treatment on it. Since I didn’t had any luck getting a date, I might just let it be for now. I might keep it a little longer before I try to cover it some other time.”

The tattoo was created on the hit MTV series Just Tattoo Of Us, which Christian appeared in in 2018 with then-BFF Megan Green.

Christian said: “In 2018 I applied for Just Tattoo Of Us with my best friend, Megan. I didn’t expect to make it, it was just a joke between us. We went to London, we We were so involved, We were so ready to laugh, that’s exactly the kind of people we are.The tattoo took about three and a half hours to do.

“We saw the tattoos as a laugh, we didn’t come across them or anything. The tattoo is definitely bigger than the size of a hand. It goes from the base of my neck to the middle of my back, it’s between my shoulder blades.

Megan Green, 23, and Christian Walton, 23, from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, got tattoos at Just Tattoo of Us in 2018
Megan Green and Christian got tattoos on Just Tattoo of Us in 2018

“My parents didn’t believe me when I told them I was on the show. When they first saw the tattoo, their reaction was very intense. It was my first tattoo and it was so bright and big and bold but I don’t think they hesitated, they just let me do what I wanted to do.”

Christian’s appearance on the show earned him a few perks over the years, but they weren’t enough to justify leaving the tattoo on his back. Christian said: “There were a few times where I got recognized on the show while I was at a party.

“It got us free drinks, a bottle of champagne and even a free VIP cabin at a nightclub. He came with his good stuff, we got some stuff out of it. I even mention it on my dating profiles. On my Tinder and Hinge, I’m going to get women to ask about it. It kind of works in my favor to be honest. I’ll write in my bio that I got my first tattoo on a TV show. television.

“I just feel like he’s been there for a while now, I’ve been living with him for over four years. I just want something new, I’m sick of being the guy who has ‘My first ‘tattoo’ misspelled on his back ……………..

“I can’t even wear a white shirt right now because it shows, especially when I’m dancing in a club and I’m sweating and the shirt is sticking to my back. It’s like being stuck with it, like being cursed I have no idea what to cover it, I’m open to ideas. I constantly see clips of the show on TikTok, and it’s going to get millions of comments. It’s hilarious.

Christian Walton, 23, from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, regularly mentions his tattoo on his dating app profiles
Christian regularly mentions his tattoo on his dating app profiles

“It’s so funny how I went from being a normal boy from Newcastle to going viral on a TikTok about a tattoo I got four years ago.”

A spokesperson for the Laserways Clinic said: “Christian’s tattoo is of such color and depth that even the best medical grade technology would struggle to completely remove it. When evaluating of our clients’ tattoos for laser removal, we use our many years of experience and expertise to consider the appearance of the tattoo after treatment.

“In Christian’s case, for example, if we were to start the removal process, we wouldn’t be sure how the tattoo would look when it was finished. Would the treatment benefit Christian or make his situation worse? example, leaving him with a half-removed tattoo or an uneven end result.

“Having considered these factors, the likelihood that Laserways could provide a good outcome for Christian is very slim, therefore, we would not be treating this tattoo at any of our clinics.”

MTV was approached for comment.