Gay couple who wanted sons sues IVF clinic after daughter is born

A gay couple is suing a California in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic, claiming the clinic implanted the wrong embryo.

The couple wanted two boys and instead a female embryo was implanted, reported Pasadena Now.

On Friday July 1, Albert and Anthony Saniger filed a lawsuit against HRC Fertility in Pasadena as well as Dr. Bradford Kolb.

The Sanigers are suing for breach of contract, medical malpractice, negligence, fraudulent concealment, and violation of the Unfair Competition Act and Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

No explanation for the female embryo

According to court documents, the Sanigers believe the clinic and doctor “negligently, recklessly, and/or intentionally transferred a female embryo to the Sanigers’ gestational carrier.”

The documents go on to say, “To date, HRC has not provided any explanation as to how this error occurred.”

According to the couple, who met over ten years ago and married in 2013, they dreamed of having a maximum of two children – two boys. The couple claims to have chosen the first and middle names of their future sons and even created Gmail accounts with the first names in 2015.

The couple said they told HRC they wanted two sons.

The couple are suing, citing the financial strain caused by the cost of IVF as well as the added cost of raising three children, instead of the planned two.

“We hope the Sanigers find love and value in their healthy child”

HRC Fertility, in a statement, said: “At HRC Fertility, our mission is to provide world-class care. We have helped thousands of people, including the couple involved in this lawsuit. The couple ideally wanted a baby boy but were lucky to have a healthy daughter. To their displeasure, we sought to address their concerns. Every child has unlimited value and potential, regardless of gender.

“We hope the Sanigers find love and value in their healthy child as so many across the country struggle with reproductive issues. Since 1988, we have remained, and continue to remain, dedicated to helping expectant parents build families through assisted reproductive technology, compassion, expertise, innovation, cutting-edge research and personalized care.