Dr Ono Alex-Ohunyon opens gentle procedure circumcision clinic in South East New South Wales

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Dr Ono Alex-Ohunyon

South East Gentle Procedures Now Offering Virtually Painless Pollock Technique™ Circumcision in the Southern Uplands and Wollongong to Jervis Bay

Our modern methods allow for a quick and virtually painless circumcision procedure for babies, boys, teenagers and adult men.

— Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon

BOWRAL, NSW, AUSTRALIA, May 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Gentle Procedures Southeast clinic in Bowral, NSW offers circumcision for babies, boys, teenagers and adult men with the Pollock™ Technique and the Shang Ring methods of circumcision. Parents undertake a circumcision procedure for their son to respect cultural and religious traditions, as well as to seek better health outcomes for their children. There are many potential benefits to baby circumcision such as better genital hygiene, reduced risk of urinary tract and bladder infections, reduced risk of penile or prostate cancer and more.

NSW hospitals do not routinely offer baby circumcision for newborns. Families who want a circumcision performed for their infant son are usually best served by dedicated circumcision clinics like Gentle Procedures Southeast to gain quick and convenient access to services. Gentle Procedures are one of the few circumcision providers in the Highlands and Wollongong who offer circumcision at any age no references required.

Gentle Procedures Southeast’s focused practice optimizes the circumcision procedure as well as the overall experience. Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon and his team pride themselves on providing personalized services and individualized care. They offer 24/7 follow-up and support after all procedures. Circumcision procedures are done quickly in a clinic, eliminating the need for hospital visits and general anesthesia.

After extensive research into the methods of circumcision used today in Australia and around the world, Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon chose to train with Dr. Neil Pollock, one of the world’s foremost authorities on circumcision, in its Vancouver clinic and international training center. Dr. Pollock’s research into developing a fast and virtually painless approach to circumcision has been recognized worldwide. Dr Alex-Ohunyon is proud to bring Dr Pollock’s techniques to South East New South Wales.

The Pollock Technique™ is a virtually painless procedure that takes less than ten minutes for adults and a few minutes for newborns. This procedure has been proven to be safe over the past 30 years and after more than 80,000 procedures. Gentle Procedures Southeast is often recommended by family physicians due to the quick and relatively painless nature of the chosen circumcision method.

Besides circumcision, Gentle Procedures Southeast also offers penile frenulectomy and frenuloplasty – procedures that can relieve pain associated with a tight penile frenulum – the band of tissue connecting the glans to the shaft of the penis on its underside for men and teens. Penile frenulectomy can offer long-term pain relief from an overly tight penile frenum.

The Gentle Procedures Southeast Clinic is part of the worldwide network of Gentle Procedures circumcision clinics, with affiliated physicians in Australia, the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA. World-renowned Dr. Neil Pollock is a founder and board member.

Dr Ono Alex-Ohunyon has been practicing medicine for over 14 years, including family medicine in Bowral. He is practice director for Walker St General Practice and Gentle Procedures Southeast. Dr. Ono Alex-Ohunyon is supported by a dedicated and highly trained team who ensure the comfort and care of all of his patients at his clinic in Bowral.

Appointments are available quickly. Please contact the clinic directly to book a consultation or for more information.

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