Daily case counts and hospitalizations drop as new clinic for children with COVID opens

Dr Robertson said the locations of exposure sites will no longer be published on the WA Health website.

“The Department of Health will only notify major outbreak locations or super-spreading events in Western Australia,” he said.

“The obligation to use contact registration at vaccination proof sites, which are mainly higher risk, and the facilities remain in place.

“Recording will allow the department to quickly notify people if they attended a venue that was a high-profile event.

“This decision to remove exposure sites has been made due to the widespread transmission of COVID-19 across metropolitan and regional Western Australia and is aligned with the approach of other Australian jurisdictions.”

On Thursday, it was also announced that children suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, who need face-to-face health checks, could go to special clinics.

Child and adolescent health service will provide care for children most at risk, from newborns to two-year-olds, and their parents or guardians who have tested positive.


Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson Child health checks were an important service for parents and carers at ‘a critical time in a child’s development’.

“For many families, the child health service may be their only contact with the health system, so it is important to ensure that all families, and especially the most vulnerable, receive a service that meets their needs. needs,” she said.

New South Wales, with about four times the population of WA, recorded 25,495 new local cases of COVID-19 on Friday.

The number of people hospitalized positive for COVID is still on the rise, with 1,345 hospitalized cases, including 43 in intensive care.

NSW still has some restrictions in place, including requiring household contacts of a positive case to self-isolate and wear masks on public transport and at indoor music festivals, in hospitals and healthcare settings and in residential care facilities or hostels.

In WA, mask mandates are still in place for all indoor venues.

Mr McGowan said he believed the majority of the WA community would continue to wear a mask, even if mask mandates were not in place.

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