Chiropractors and researchers begin hunt for long COVID therapy

Scientists, chiropractors and pain management experts say big healthcare companies are key to getting effective treatment for the disease (1-5), which currently affects more than 100 million people, according to the ‘World Health Organization.

“When you look at the numbers of neurological, muscular and inflammatory symptoms caused by long covid, we see which chiropractic has effectively managed the symptoms,” said Eric Chun-Pu Chua leading researcher on a long COVID trial.

Long COVID, with some 200 reported ailments including fatigue, dizziness and muscle aches. Chiropractic therapy has been effective in managing pain (6-15), neurological (16-23) and motor (24-28) symptoms. It excludes people who have had both mild and severe COVID-19, including children. In United Statesit is estimated to have affected 1 in 7 adults of working age.

Researchers hope their research will uncover the causes of long COVID, many chiropractors are identifying existing therapies that may work as treatments.

“What we’re struggling with are complicated symptoms of long COVID, but we’re posting the amazing results,” Dr. Chu said. Possible underlying causes that scientists are investigating include damage from the virus, the autoimmune effect that attacks our own bodies, and an overactive immune response causing nerve inflammation.


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