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Let’s talk today about a topic that should concern everyone regardless of age: retirement. Many must argue that they are still very young, just starting out in the workplace or even studying, so far from retirement. But even the youngest should worry about retirement.

New Old, Old Young

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Brazil has been undergoing a radical transformation in the age profile of its population. We have always been known as a country with a very young population. Two phenomena have changed this reality: on the one hand, the decrease in the birth rate, that is, people today have fewer and fewer children, and on the other, the increase in life expectancy, that is, people are living longer and longer. for the advances in medicine and the improvement of living conditions.

As a result, the Brazilian population is aging little by little. The number of older people is growing and will grow significantly in the coming years. And getting older brings a lot of new challenges. Our body and mind can no longer keep pace with our activities as young people. Even in the professional field.

Then comes the time for our retirement. It is time to move away from our professional activities, but also to conquer all the time for other activities we enjoy. A first challenge arises: we will no longer have our pay and will have to live on retirement income.

Get ready

In addition, we must prepare, because with the increase in life expectancy in Brazil, retirement will be an increasingly longer phase of life. Once a person when he was retiring, he was very close to the moment of his death. Today people are with increasing vigor. This means that they will have to live off their retirement for many, many years.

After all, a person is not expected to retire vigorously and stay at home in pajamas.

Know the scenery

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In this context of many changes, there is still a great source of concern, especially for those who retired relying only on the benefit of the KLSS. What will be the government policy for retirees in the coming years? And in the next decade? What to do if retirees’ readjustments are getting smaller and smaller? The answer is straightforward: These people should have better prepared for their retirement. And the younger we start this preparation, the easier it becomes because we have more time.