About the NHRA™

About the National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia


The National Hypnotherapist Register of Australia is sponsored by the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association which since 1949 has been the voice of professional hypnotherapists in Australia. Recognised by state and federal governments and private health providers as the profession's premier body, the AHA has set up the NHRA™ to ensure that the public has access to a register of qualified and supervised therapists according to nationally recognised standards.

The National Hypnotherapist Register of Australia is the largest register of hypnotherapists in Australia and is designed to provide a comprehensive list of hypnotherapists for the Australian community. These hypnotherapists have been stringently assessed against Register Eligibility Criteria and have demonstrated an approved level of professional training, competence and ethics.

People enter the field of hypnotherapy through many diverse routes. The AHA and its National Hypnotherapist Register of Australia aim to preserve the rich diversity which characterises this field, while at the same time setting baseline standards which ensure that we include only the names of those hypnotherapists whose qualifications demonstrate that they would be able to function autonomously within the community.

The Register Eligibility Criteria is designed to ensure that any person who is listed on the Register is qualified and has in place the supportive professional infrastructure which would facilitate responsible work with clients.

The AHA National Hypnotherapy Register of Australia is recognised by State and Federal Governments, The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), Private Health Funds and industry bodies as the Premier Body for hypnotherapists in Australia since 1949.  The purpose of this register is to provide the public with a reliable, up-to-date resource when seeking a qualified hypnotherapist.

These guidelines are consistent with and in many cases higher than other Peak professional bodies in UK; NZ; Asia; Canada and America.

The National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia is updated weekly.

The NHRA™ position on Association Directories of hypnotherapy practitioners in relation to the NHRA™ Register

The NHRA™ Register provides an authoritative guide to the qualifications and standards of training of practitioners in hypnotherapy. All members listed on the Register have undergone a rigorous application process in which their qualifications, relevant training and supervised experience have been verified as meeting NHRA™ defined standards. It also confirms that they meet the NHRA™ requirements for on-going supervision and professional development, and that they belong to a NHRA™ recognised professional association.

NHRA™ encourages all practitioners to become members of the NHRA™ Register as a statement about standards and qualifications, and to contribute towards the increasing self-regulation of the profession.

This focus on standards and verification of qualifications distinguishes the NHRA™ Register from most other Association Directories. Association Directories of practitioners typically serve a different purpose related more to promoting awareness of and marketing of practitioner services. Generally, Association Directories are associated with the training school that set them up and do not serve a regulatory function.

NHRA™ therefore sees individual Association Directories and the NHRA™ as independent and serving different but potentially complementary purposes.

NHRA™ Standards Committee

Entry onto the NHRA™ requires each hypnotherapist to apply individually to the NHRA™ and is not available to any hypnotherapist unless their supporting documentation is sighted and approved by a member of the NHRA™ Standards Committee.

All NHRA™ hypnotherapists have agreed to:

  • Meet the NHRA™ eligibility requirements

  • Meet mandatory annual renewal requirements

  • Meet NHRA™ professional supervision requirements

  • Meet NHRA™ Ongoing Professional Development requirements

  • Abide by the NHRA™ Code of Ethics

  • Adhere to the outcome of the NHRA™ Complaints Board

  • Be accountable to the Australian public through the NHRA™

  • Supply documentary evidence to support membership requirements

What if a hypnotherapist’s name is not found on the Register?

If a hypnotherapist's name is not on the Register then this indicates they may either:

  • Not be eligible for Registration

  • May have been de-registered or

  • May not yet have sought registration.

Any member of the public who wishes to verify the registration of a hypnotherapist or seek further information can ring the NHRA™ office on 1800 067 557 between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, except for Public holidays.