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The Australian Hypnotherapists' Association National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia (NHRATM) is recognised by State and Federal Governments, Private Health Funds and industry bodies as the premier body for hypnotherapists in Australia since 1949.  The purpose of this register is to provide the public with a reliable, up-to-date resource when seeking a qualified hypnotherapist.



In a social environment in which credentials and qualifications are becoming increasingly important, the question as to what constitutes an acceptable basic “professional” level of training in Hypnotherapy is one that is frequently asked. There has been no agreed answer up until now. Those who claim to be “trained”, “qualified” or “accredited” undertake programs that vary from a few weekend workshops and/or a limited amount of reading, through to those who have five or more years of tertiary study in related areas followed by an intensive Hypnotherapy course and several years of clinical supervision with an accredited supervisor through a professional Hypnotherapy association such as the AHA or one of its member associations. To address this issue the NHRA along with the AHA and its member associations have adopted a minimum set of training standards for the professional practice of Hypnotherapy and review them regularly.






The contemporary social ethos makes issues of accountability and public protection in clinical services particularly important. The National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia (NHRATM) is maintained by the Australian Hypnotherapists' Accreditation Board (AHABTM)which is wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association. The purpose of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Accreditation Board is to accredit appropriately qualified professional hypnotherapists who meet the required standards, and to work toward raising standards and the continuing professionalisation of hypnotherapy as a modality. Suitably qualified practitioners are invited to apply for accreditation and inclusion on the register whether in Australia or overseas.




Each therapist whose name appears on the Register must have demonstrated that he or she meets requirements in Ethics and training standards. The Register provides an authoritative guide to the qualifications and standards of training of hypnotherapists in Australia. All members listed on the Register have undergone a rigorous application process in which their qualifications, relevant training and supervised experience have been verified. It also confirms that they meet requirements for on-going supervision and professional development, and that they belong to a recognised professional hypnotherapy association.




This emphasis on standards and verification of qualifications distinguishes the National Hypnotherapists Register of Australia from most other hypnotherapy listings and directories. Directories of therapists serve a different purpose related more to promoting awareness of and promoting of a service, modality or profession. Often such directories have not undertaken a rigorous process of verifying qualifications and claims about practice and competence, and do not serve a regulatory function such as providing a mechanism for investigating complaints. The aim of the NHRA™ is to fill this gap by providing the public with an authoritative listing of professional hypnotherapists.


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